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to look like justin bieber? okay? grooming tips, all rolled into the factor. that's it for us tonight. please check out the site which is different from and my predictions in 2013 and the political world. and spout out tonight, and the final word of the day, not being stultifying. write to the factor. once again, let me know, who your number one choice is as a dinner companion and why. why is very important. and tomorrow night we'll read a bunch of those, read them in the tip of the day segment tomorrow and have plenty of time for them. okay? thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops here and we're definitely
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looking out for you.
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in other words it means he intends to alter the constitutional rights of you, law abiding citizen was out consulting the legislative branch. if i didn't know better i would think i'd been reporting on a story from cuba, north korea, russia. unfortunately this is taking place right here and the democrats have been urging the president to bypass the constitution part of the one
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section 7 to use the 14th amendment to raise the debt keeling and only today did jay carney seem to back off of the idea with this group, who knows? obama is relying on executive orders to bypass congressional authority. this is what he refers to as we can't wait initiative. as i c get republicans the hell out of the way initiative. he's been using this for projects and poll says, now, it made several recess aplt.ments. senate was still in session. no president has attempt that had power grab. he's halted deportation of illegal immigrants. he adopted provisions of the dream act. failed to pass it through congress and also changed well ware work requirement was out subordinate them for review. the office said he should have consulted congress in that case. you're witnessing an out of control, an arrogant and
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unconstitutional executive power grab and here to talk about the legality ti of this to discuss what options the president may be waying when it comes to the second amendment and gun control from american center for law and justice, jay seculo and former special council to former president clinton, lenny davis, welcome back. >> geechblgt. >> chief justice hannity to you, sir. >> and congratulations. >> i appreciate it. >> you don't have to be a lawyer to be a supreme court justice. >> making oral arguments any day now on some topic i will rule in jay's favor on. the purple nation this, is no joking matter. we have a president of the united states using executive order bypassing congress to get done what he cannot get done through the legislative process. >> that is a problem. it's a big problem. >> well, it should be illegal.
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and republicans have not been bashful about doing that. you remember, that the affordable care act known by republicans as obama care. >> i don't know if and some are not. soit should be challenged. and that is what the court ordered. >> it's also, i think the president who is sworn to uphold the constitution and the second amendment could not be anymore clear, we laid out what our founders and framers said bit last night. the president has responsibility himself but he wants to push the envelope. your reaction. >> and you shouldn't be surprised the president said as much. congress didn't snt going to move, he's going to move. take a look. with regard to the second amendment there is no
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executive order the president of the united states can issue that is going to override the second amendment to the united states constitution. vice president biden could be making statements or saying whaefr wants about executive orders and tax actions but the fact of the matter is that second amendment snot going to be overwrite writen bit president of the united states. it should be challenged but there is a connection, sean, between that issue and the debt issue. this idea nancy pelosi has been advocating and others that the president can ignore the debt ceiling limitations and incur debt. the fact you've got nancy pelosi and other democrats saying this is the way we go with, we have to, showing this is a lot of threats and ignoring constitutional reality of separation of power. from e yek tiff branch. >> saying this is a post constitutional america. this is now, taking executive power to a degree that nobody is taking before without
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respect to precedent. let's go to the videotape and words of warner wolf, let's listen to your friend president obama on the issue of executive privilege and orders in 2007. >> i think that the issue of executive power and executive privilege is one that is subject to abuse. and... in an obama presidency what you will see will be a sufficient respect fr law and co-equal branches of government. i hope we don't find ourselves in a situation for things being subpoenaed for what everybody acknowledges is trouble information out there. >> sean: if the president can't get an appointment he wants, then, the senate is still in session and he makes a recess appointment nobody has done that before. >> that is advancing. >> go ahead. >> you stated a conclusion i
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know you believe and in which others disagree with the senate was not in session. >> senate was not in recess, it's not true. >> there was a term used by one republican trying to hold the floor. >> sean: were they in session? >> were they in recess? >> there is disagreement. >> sean: there is no disgromt. let's change. were they in recess? >> absolutely not z look. the fact of the matter is that there is a lawsuit brought on this issue. these were controversial appointments. the president knew and in fact the senate was not in recess. he did it anyway. he said, remember, if congress doesn't act he's going to do it. so this insisted right where it's being challenged. the fact is that i think it's a pretty significant this is a pattern we've seen now throughout the session. >> can i address the second and 14th amendment issues is
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in the second amendment the supreme court held the right to own firearms. everybody on this supreme court, everyone, unanimously would say that doesn't mean you can't regulate the use of firearms just as we have on the books background checks, required. >> to and i'm sure you'll agree that is not violating. doi not favor the stretch of the constitution or an imperial presidency waging war without a declaration of war. republicans love waging war, they did -- they did in afghanistan. >> and then... >> wait. >> sean: wait a minute. that is not true. gorge bush got the auj saigs of the use of force. nowhere in the constitution does it say you must use certain words but auj saigs of force. everybody says that means war.
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>> president bush had authority but is it -- . >> he did it right. can you can regulations be put into place? involving guns? sure. but there is a second ae. you're right. i think all justice as gre that that is a right existing for individuals but the president doesn't get the sense of regulations through legislation without going through legislative branch there. is no regulation for him to bank legislation from. there is no legislation that he can then issue a regulation for. >> this if justice hannity doesn't get to the supreme court we won't get to your viewpoint. >> i rule in jay's favor. >> sur plised. >> thank you both this, is important debate. we skrnt an imperial presidency gaining power and legislative or executive fiat bypassing congress wex have separation of powers and
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co-equal wrampblgz of government. thank you both. coming up, egypt's plea to release the blind sheek if you can believe it. and calling miss alabama a beautiful woman. the left wing media goes nuts, but here is the president's pick. the guy he wants to run the cia, newly covered tapes of john brennan will cast real doubt if this vitamin for the job. >> terrorism is about a tactic that will never be defeated anymore than the tactic of war will. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today.
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find thousands of big deals now... officemax. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? >> and welcome back to "hannity," shocking new video emerged of president obama's nominee he to head the cia. this should concern every single american. back in 2010, john brennan who currently serves as the white house's top counterterror advisor says that islam helped
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shape his world view. watch thfrmenis. >> i want to thank you to convey my respect for a faith that helped to is shape my world view. for man three decades had the fortune to travel the world and as part of that experience to learn about the goodness and beauty of islam. as a college student in the 1970's, i spent a summer travelling through indonesia, taking in the wonderful landscape, culture and people of java and bali. despite my long hair, my earring and my obvious american appearance, i was welcomed throughout that country in a way that is a reflection of the tremendous warmth of islamic cultures and societies. >> sean: all right. but that's not all. during that same speech, brennan also said this. >> we are not waging a war against terrorism because terrorism is but a tactic that will never be defeated any
9:16 pm
more than the tactic of war will. rather such thinking is a recipe he for endless conflicts. we are not at war against terror because terror is a state of mind. >> sean: that's one of the people suppose today try to keep people safe from terrorists? joining me now is the former mayor of new york, rudy guiliani and also jihad is a legitimate part of-- >> you listen to the first part. i get it, they're-- i can understand why he would be by islam and the muslim religion, the second part i don't get at all. i mean shall the fact is, all this have nonsense we're not at war against terror. they're at war against us, it's not terror, it's extremists, muslims, who are at war with us. they actually declared war on us, so i don't know how he doesn't get the fact that there's a war going on. what the heck does he think happened in libya a couple of months ago? that's part of their efforts to try to kill us, to try to destroy us. they were at war with us when
9:17 pm
they attacked us on september 11th. they were at war with us when they killed our ambassador a few months ago. >> sean: here is the worst part. let me play this other cut here where he talks about jihad, using a legitimate term jihad. >> jihad is holy war, jihad is is terrorism. watch this one. >> president obama sees this as a fight against jihadists, describing terrorists in this way, jihad, purify ones self, risks giving these murderers in no way deserve. >> sean: is he going to be our new cia director? >> that much of an apologist, there's a legitimate interpretation of jihad and an illegitimate interpretation of jihad. many ways to purify yourself through jihad, one is through
9:18 pm
holy war, dying in the name of allah. that's the way the terrorists are interpreting it, this is kind of nonsense to be trying to pars it it that way. >> sean: we know that the koran is interpreted by radicals mean and talk about infidels, jihad, holy war. >> he seems to be in denial of the fact that these people are organized, they're at war against us, they want to kill us, they want to destroy us and they have done it. they've actually killed us and are continuing to kill snus and chuck hagel, the same thing. if it wasn't so scary, and so dangerous, we've got chuck hagel going to be the new defense secretary. chuck hagel could not identify hezbollah, hamas or the iranian national guard as terrorists, he also has said, sanctions don't work, all president obama told us all during the campaign was how terrific the sanctions worked and then also told us we shouldn't attack iran. explain to me how you're going to stop them from becoming a nuclear power if you don't use
9:19 pm
sanctions and take the idea of a possible military attack off the table and what kind of signal sending to iran to select somebody who believes that. basically president obama is signaling them, i don't really believe in the sanctions that much and don't worry we'll never attack you. >> sean: how do you interpret this in a broader picture. we're going through the president or joe biden is talking about executive orders to advance their gun control initiative. we have nancy pelosi saying let's use the 14th amendment let's forget article 1, section 7, congress authorizes spending which was always done. what do you make of their willingness to get this aggressive. >> and during the the fiscal cliff negotiations never really putting a compromise package on the table that included realistic strong spending cuts, which could have gotten republican support if he really wanted to do something that showed he was going to kind of meet people in the middle. i think the president is flexing his muscles. i think he wants to show i'm
9:20 pm
in charge, i'm the boss. you deny me rights, i'm going to take hagel. and a lot of people he could have chosen, about if he makes it or not, thises going to be a wounded-- >> and why do you pick a republican? you pick out a republican it reach out to the other side of the aisle showing i'm willing to compromise. he selects a republican that gets all the republicans upset and he selects a republican that republicans in the senate in large numbers are going to oppose. it's mind-boggling. >> sean: looking for fights and i think there's some arrogance, not facing reelection and his more radical side is coming out. what advice do you have especially as relates to the debt ceiling debate coming up for republicans? i don't think they handled-- they didn't negotiate. >> have to get off taxes, we're finished with that and we shouldn't vote for more tax increases, finished with debates over taxes. the debates have to be how we reduce spending and
9:21 pm
republicans should pass bills. >> sean: one after another. >> reducing spending, take the risk that people get angry at us for certain special interest groups are getting upset cutting this, and a realistic picture how to reduce the deficit and dare the senate to vote for it. >> sean: and only essential areas of government get funded. shut it down until the president-- >> everyone agrees except the more radical left wingers the big problem we have is out of control spending so let's attack that problem, not politically, but in a substantive way and presenting legislation that cuts spending and balances the budget and then dare the senate to vote against it. >> sean: all right. mr. mayor, good to see you. appreciate you being with us. >> good to see you. >> sean: coming up, he was convicted of master minding the world trade center bombing and why are they making a plea for the blind sheik's release, will president obama stay
9:22 pm
strong, and michelle malkin is next. and a pay day for al gore's, and not going so well since
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>> welcome back to "hannity." since september egyptian morsi has been calling on the u.s. to release ralphman, also known as the blind sheik, and a 9/11 truther, but an ally to america is requesting the blind sheik's release and this time he is directing his plea right to president obama, who
9:26 pm
has been mute on the issue. but with a trip to the u.s. and a meeting with president obama on morsi's calendar and suspicions the anointed one might cave to his new pal morsi now that the election is over, top republicans are demanding that obama speak up and stand strong against the radical leader. and now syndicated columnist, author, fox news contributor, michelle malkin. he's got blood on his hand, he's a murderer, a terrorist, a killer. >> yes. >> sean: we're giving this 9/11 truther who is at war with israel a 1.5 billion taxpayers dollars and the media is silent. help me out, why. >> the media is silent on it because obama is silent on it. i find his complete silence and unwillingness to outright reject this outrageous call to release or somehow transfer the murderous blind sheik absolutely appalling. an insult to not only all the
9:27 pm
families of 9/11, but certainly, of course, all of the families who lost loved ones, there were six of them killed in the 1993 world trade center bombing and the thousands who were injured. we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of the 1993 world trade center bombing in february and this man, mohammed morsi, can go around publicly demanding the release or humane transfer or treatment of the blind sheik, and our commander-in-chief says nothing? i mean, this tells you everything you need to know about how much we've regressed since 9/11. >> totally agree. >> and i really, really would like to see not only more republicans joining the call to demand that obama outright say, blow it out your ear, morsi, can we translate that in arabic and tell him straight out? stop asking for it 'cause it's never going to happen. but we've had some very, very wise counseling, warning from
9:28 pm
the former prosecutor who cut abdel-rahman behind cars, our friend andrew mccarthy. >> that's right. back in september warned, we can't believe any of the denials that are coming out from the underlings of this administration that this would never happen. >> sean: here is though, where it gets worse. american taxpayers, everybody watching this show right now needs to understand 1.5 billion american dollars are going to egypt, going to the muslim brotherhood guy, 9/11 truther, and let me play you this tape we played on the program last week, liston what he says about our friends the israelis, that they're blood-suckers, descendents of apes and pigs. watch this. >> (inaudible)
9:29 pm
>> all right. you're benjamin netanyahu and you hear that, said in 2010. you see your closest ally, america give them 1.5 billion dollars and cream and a cherry on top and obama appointing hagel and brennan. what is your reaction if you're the prime minister of israel? >> well, i'm sure that benjamin netanyahu's jaw has dropped to the floor so many times that it's black and blue there. and it's not just israel that should be worried, of course, it's every american here at home who worries about national security.
9:30 pm
it's about every american family that has a relative who's a soldier trying to fight jihad overseas while we're subsidizing the terror coddlers and by the way, might i add, rolling out the welcome mat, not only for morsi, but so many of these muslim brotherhood and other terror front groups who are getting in the front door. i have reported on talil who has muslim brotherhood ties and there have been dozens scores, allowed, including an official, that's a terror group of which rahman is a spiritual leader of, got a visa granted by the state department in june and walked into the white house and talked to at least one national security advisor about what? guess what? the possible release of omar abdel-rahman, we need to wake up in this country and stop hitting that snooze button
9:31 pm
that keeps being hit so many times after 9/11. >> sean: well said. michelle malkin. thanks so much for being with us. all is not well at al gore's al-jazeera, rumor has it his staff are furious some said to have walked out and al gore is refusing to even sit down with al-jazeera's executives. is he a hypocrite? we'll get to the bottom of it. log on to our special companion site, hannity live and topics covered each and every night. hannity live hannity live and also, miss alabama and the [ale announcer ] staples is the number-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy. when you spend $50 on hp in tintroducing a revolutionary. it new mascara. clump crusher...crusher. 200% more volume.
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>> all right. a week since al gore sold his tv sayings to al-jazeera. the global warming guru is already failing to show up for meeting and still shell-shocked staff is outraged. not surprised. according, one staffer said of course al didn't show up. he has no credibility. he's supposed to be the face of clean energy and sold to the very big oil, amir of qatar and they never took advising and al gore that b-ser, may not get away with the hypocrisy of doing business with them at all. and monica crowley. manhattan institute. and judith miller.
9:36 pm
can we say get it off the table, she's a gulf stream, lear jet, phony hypocrite. is anybody more phony than this guy? >> and-- >> he's such a phony, this g guy. >> what's amazing, the true believer over at current tv idealist idealistic, that he'd go down there. al gore has a reputation for many years being hypocritical in the words of his staffer, b-ser, and into hlear jet from the limousine. >> capitalism, never has anyone made so much money on a failing enterprise. no viewers, but managed to make between 70 and 100 million dollars. >> is it fair to say, someone said that this is dirty oil money, to quote the environmental lunatics. >> well, perhaps it will be cleaner oil money now that
9:37 pm
it's going to be current tv. >> look, al gore. >> sean: al-jazeera. >> al-jazeera america is going to be very different from anything we've seen before they're clearly making a bid for the american-- >> they're going to call terrorists martyrs? >> not anymore. they used to. in fact, i called them on it on the air. >> sean: so wait a minute, they used to call terrorists martyrs. >> right. >> sean: and now for maybe political correctness reasons that we should believe that this is real? >> al-jazeera, which is the favorite media home of the islamists across the middle east and around the world, this is going to be the place that al gore has sold current tv to. remember, glenn beck tried to approach current tv to buy it and they found them ideologically unacceptable, but al-jazeera, the home of the islamists, that's fine. >> i think that al-jazeera has transformed broadcasting in the arab world. i can remember when an arab broadcasting network was a bunch of rulers standing there reading a speech to its
9:38 pm
people. al-jazeera has changed the politics. region, in some ways good and in some ways bad. >> sean: how long ago were they calling terrorists martyrs? >> well, let's see, it was before 9/11. >> sean: okay, so, we're supposed to believe that they really changed? they were the voice of bin laden and al-qaeda, where the tapes always went? >> look, the issue is what is the evolution? are they better than they were and do they present-- >> they're not terrorist sympathizers anymore so that's a step up? >> they are sympathetic with the people they believe are oppressed, whether they're oppressed by arab rulers, oppressed by israelis. >> sean: but it's the same owners that allowed terrorists to be called martyrs, why do i believe if they've changed it's only-- >> they haven't changed, they've only gotten smarter. they've gotten smarter in terms of packaging and branding and attract more bees with honey than vinegar, of course they're not going down that road anymore. they want credibility in the west and now, selling to al gore, they're hoping to get it. >> sean: now what's infuriating about this, we are the saudi arabia of natural
9:39 pm
gas and i keep talking about saving america. if we wanted to get out of our economic problems and stop this generational theft, single best thing we could do is become energy independent, we can frack and we could have, get all of the natural gas, all this have oil, it will pay off our debt, our deficits and we'll give our kids a future. why don't we do that? >> we have been talking about energy independence, sean, as long as i can remember and democratic and republican presidents haven't wanted to go there. it's too ease toy buy oil from the middle east, that's exactly what we've done and we've had a foreign policy. >> sean: why do i think the the people in the middle east think we're stupid? no, if i'm sitting there and they are he' paying me all this money and i'm a billionaire, a trillion-- thinking america has more gas energy resources than we do and they're buying from us. >> right, in many cases so of middle east, to whom we give all of this money, by purchasing oil, turn that money around and support for terrorism. it's a vicious cycle.
9:40 pm
in the past, judy, that's been true, so many administrations decided it's been in america's interest to deal with these odious regimes. the difference now, we do have the shale gas and technology to get natural gas out of the ground. we're sitting on a ton of it, sean. the whole geopolitical dynamics can change in the world and united states can be energy independence and efficient. and one thing i'll add to that. jobs, you could wipe out the unemployment in this country by fracking. >> sean: and energy independence helps our national security. we don't have to depend on the political instability in the middle east. good to see you both, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> sean: all right. if you care about your children, if you care about them, coming up, i have a shocking statistic that really would put the state of things in america about our kids into perspective. one in four kids in america on food stamps, that's 20 million american children needing government food assistance.
9:41 pm
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9:45 pm
about us, this is about our kids and grandkids and here is why. based on the latest data released from the department of agriculture, this is really sad for america, almost 20 million children are on food stamps right now in this country. now, that's nearly half of all the participants in the program. here is what's more startling. as our friends at the daily caller point out, under the the obama administration, one out of four are on food stamps. and joining us, good to see you both. >> happy new year, sean. >> sean: you know, male, we have as have-- michael, we have never made it so that kids are born with $100,000 in debt and then, that doesn't even include entitlements, unfunded liabilities. we've never done this to our kids where one in four are on food stamps. you know, i say to cut one penny out of every dollar in
9:46 pm
the budget and people say we can't do that. why can't we live within our means? why is there no moral imperative to do that? >> i think that most people would say that food stamps is a good program, it works, it helps people survive in tough economic times, but we also have to keep in mind this spike actually occurred in 2008 when president bush was in-- >> i know you don't like to hear, but that's what the statistics say. >> sean: and four years and-- >> obviously the recession he inherited is still causing a problem with job creation, causing folks to be on food stamps. >> i am banning blaming bush on this program. >> when you start two wars unnecessarily, that's what happens. and the budgets-- >> eric rush, nobody gave us 6 trillion dollars in debt, and the fiscal cliff gives us 4 trillion dollars more in debt. the thing is, we've never done this before. why is there not the moral will to stop this? >> well, i think that there's not the moral will to stop it
9:47 pm
because you've got a lot of, you know, people in both parties who are addicted to the pork, addicted to the money, addicted to the power, but, you know, i think that we're dropping the ball if we don't look at this in the context of obama's political agenda, his political history, his political leanings. you know? this is a guy whose agenda is steeped in marxism, plain and simple. in the short-term having people on the dole, as it were, fosters dependency which the democratic party historically has sort of enjoyed, but then in the long-term obama has had this disdain for america's prosperity and their colonialism, imperialism, the worst thing you could do to rich people is turn them into poor people. he's not going to do anything to ameliorate the economic suffering of average americans because this is something that is helping to coalesce that
9:48 pm
sort of socialist that he's building. >> sean: michael, by the way, i support food stamps, no child in america should go hungry in sean hannity's america. none, we're too rich a country for that to happen. >> i think everyone would agree. >> sean: isn't it better to have a job? isn't it better to have an opportunity and isn't this where obama has failed? if we've added 20 million people to food stamps since he's he president. >> i think most people would agree with your premise, too many people on food stamps and great in one day the food stamp program was eliminated. but in the current economic times i know you hate when i say inherited by this administration. >> sean: banning this, you can't blame bush anymore, stop. >> this is when the spike occurred. >> sean: what can we do next? >> but i think your you're right, jobs will fix a lot of these issues because then folks can-- >> this president is the know creating any, he keeps bashing -- he keeps saying that the problem is, the rich got to pay their fair share, he got
9:49 pm
his tax increase, the next day he says the rich have to pay more, why not cut spending. >> this fight related to your friends in the tea party, folks trying to cut a lot of the funds that would help states provide food stamps and safety net programs for folks in jurisdictions around the country. >> sean: that's not true. >> it is true. >> sean: sean hannity's plan-- >> they want to cut social service programs that would hurt our least fortunate americans. >> sean: i know this would sound radical when they cut money in washington, they don't cut money, they cut the rate of increase. connie mack, a good friend of mine, you keep spending at this year's level, which means we're borrowing 46 cents of every dollar and cut one penny out of every dollar every year for six years, every family would have to do that. why don't they do that? >> well, you know, you can get into the semantics of costs and cuts and things like that, but you know, one of the things that i'm concerned about is you have the establishment press which does
9:50 pm
not report things that obama is doing that seems to be dedicated toward stultifying economic growth, whether you've got the epa trying to regulate storm water runoff or you've got the press not reporting the thousands of layoffs that are going to be occurring until after the election so that it doesn't hurt obama and regulations that are getting passed in the dead of night. i mean, there are so many things that are milltating against the economy it almost seems folly to ask him to work harder to fix it because that's not his intention. >> sean: quick last word. >> regulation and reform, i don't think that's the reason the economy is suffering. go back to the mid 2000's when president bush-- >> you're a broken record. >> those are the facts, and don't like the facts, sean, those are the facts. >> sean: we're going to say in 2016 it's bush's fault. >> maybe in 2020. >> sean: this is an obsession, you've got to get over it.
9:51 pm
you won reelection. >> you've got an unbelievable budget surplus and he blew it. >> sean: poor barack obama, no president had to struggle like him. i'm so sick of this. >> next time you have me on i'll probably the same thing. >> sean: i love yve anyway. personal fouls in the media, a racially charged comment leveled at rg 3 from rob parker, sports analyst. never believe what he said. why is espn-- why does brent musburger have to apologize to miss alabama, katherine webb? what does she think about h h hh [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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9:55 pm
>> now, there are two controversies that continue to be the talk of the sports world. first you may remember the racially charge assault leveled at washington redskins quarterback robert griffin iii by espn analyst rob parker back in december, take a look. >> is he a brother? or is he a corn ball brother. >> what does at that mean? >> explain that. >> he's not really down with the cause,'s not one of us. he's kind of black, he's-- but he's not really like the guy you really want to hang out with. >> well, those highly offensive comments ultimately
9:56 pm
led to parker's suspension from espn, parker is at it again doubling down with another racially charged rant against the rookie quarterback, watch this. >> when athletes or famous entertainers or whatever push away from their people, and that's really what it's about. you saw what o.j. simpson and some other people when they say i'm not black, i'm oj. >> sean: needless to say espn announced yesterday that parker's contract is not going to be renewed and meanwhile, another espn employee is in hot water after brent musburger called alabama quarterback, aj mccarron's girlfriend, katherine webb beautiful during the children game. he the media picked up the comment and ran with it even though webb says she's not offended by it. watch this. >> i think the media has been really unfair to him. i think that if he would have said something, along the line of that we were hot or sexy or made any derrogatory
9:57 pm
statements like that, i think that would have been a little bit different, but the fact that he said that we are beautiful and gorgeous, i don't see why any woman wouldn't be flattered by that. >> sean: thank you. who knew calling somebody beautiful is so offensive in this p.c. world we live in. joining me now with the reaction, poker after dark, co-host of usc tonight, leann tweeden and tower dowdell is back with us. good to see you. if i said you're both beautiful, would that offend you? >> no, we're not offended. >> sean: beautiful women. i'm saying this on my 20th anniversary tonight, leann tweeden, so-- >> oh, happy anniversary. >> sean: thank you. you know, it's very hard to be married to a talk host for 20 years, i just -- you would agree. >> she's done it though. >> sean: i was watching when this happened. i saw this. i like brent musburger. if you can't say a woman is beautiful, stating the obvious. she's miss alabama for crying out loud. >> let's face it, sean, the game was a blowout. playing a
9:58 pm
to the game alabama was killing notre dame. sec, they sudden have a playoff system so we could have two teams people want to watch. so they kept going to the beautiful girl and the stands. >> sean: you're killing me, i like notre dame. >> i'm sorry about that, let's face it she's a beautiful girl and everybody wants to talk about it. and the next day on the today show, we're talking to her and not aj mccarron. let's not forget, farrah fawcett dated a quarterback from the university of texas next thing you know she was a "it" girl. same thing with pam anderson, spotted in a football stadium on the jumbotron. so the world loves beautiful women and more power to her. i don't think she was offended by his statement. >> sean: i was so glad. >> who would be. >> sean: i was so happy that she stuck up for brent musburger. >> of course. >> sean: good for her. now, let's move on to the espn analyst here, corn ball brother, not really out for our cause.
9:59 pm
i am so tired of that and i was surprised that he wasn't fired the first time. not that i'm asking for him to be fired or want him to be fired. where is this coming from? that's what i want to know. where do you think that's coming from? >> well, i actually have a very different take on this. i disagree with the comments, i think they're completely out of line you know that, but part of that i think he was seeking attention. you don't using comments like that, especially cornball if you're not looking for attention. i think he thought he was going to get publicity, which he did. unfortunately be careful what you wish for. >> sean: rg 3 is a christian, i'd say we're brothers in christ. i mean, why is this -- it's pervasive though among some people. rg 3, not only talented, he's given so much now, one year to the nfl and i'm thinking it's so unfair for him to have to deal with that. >> well, rg 3 has been getting so much attention so if you're somebody that wants to get into that attention head wind that he's getting and get your name
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